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'See all the broken image links?  Well, that's because this page is done!  We moved this page to a URL that we really don't use, but the new and improved All Cool Things™ can be found at the same old URL:  http://www.AllCoolThings.NET.   I didn't have the heart to axe this page, so I left it up for sentimental value.  All the articles are still up.  Just the picture links are dead.  You can click >>>HERE<<< to go to the new site, though.  -HERETICPRIME

Here's What's New at All Cool Things!™

  • 'Every hear of Masterpiece Transformers?  Well, we have, and we think you should!  Check out our "primer" article under "Media and Reviews" in "Take It or Leave It!"
    'Every hear of Masterpiece Transformers? Well, we have, and we think you should! Check out our "primer" article under "Media and Reviews" in "Take It or Leave It!"
  • See our pictures at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019 in "Galleries" under "Media and Reviews." (Let us know if you see yourself!  Also, let us know what you cosplayed as.  We don't know everything!) We also say a word or two about AWA 2019 in "Road Crew" under "Site Social!"
    See our pictures at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019 in "Galleries" under "Media and Reviews." (Let us know if you see yourself! Also, let us know what you cosplayed as. We don't know everything!) We also say a word or two about AWA 2019 in "Road Crew" under "Site Social!"
'Every hear of Masterpiece Transformers?  Well, we have, and we think you should!  Check out our "primer" article under "Media and Reviews" in "Take It or Leave It!"
'Every hear of Masterpiece Transformers? Well, we have, and we think you should! Check out our "primer" article under "Media and Reviews" in "Take It or Leave It!"
I'm thinking about covering Masterpiece quality Transformers collectibles.  Come read the "primer" article to catch you up to speed.

We chose "Treat" this Halloween!  All Cool Things™ writer, content provider, and Up and Coming Cosplayer, Gingersnap Pixie gives us our first NSFW articles and pictorial for Sam Hain!   Cosplayer Score Card, Interview, Pictorial

When was the last time you checked out our CoolFlix?

Up And Coming Cosplayer Smilecosplay Jamie reveals what she's up to.  Oh, did we mention she's a Maxim Girl and running for Miss Canada?  Cosplayer Score Card, Interview, Pictorial

'Looking for something scary and new?  Get back into the Halloween mood with some of these Paranormal Channels HERETICPRIME loves!

Yup.  We went to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019.  Take a look at the pictures and read a little bit on it in Road Crew until we write a proper article on it.

We did a thing!  See more of the cutting edge pop culture and geek bits we come across at work and play.  Check out our maiden article for our new "What's Cool This Week" series.  We plan on it being a permanent thing once we iron out the frequency.

Revisit a great Halloween article in Take It or Leave It!:  "Top Ten Movies to Watch Around Halloween!"

AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole surprises us with an interview and her Kickstarter!  Click Here!!!  Hurry up and get some time sensitive rewards!

We had a great time at Battle & Brew's Area 51 party!  Read about it in Road Crew and look at the pictures in our Gallery.

Read all about The True Aquaman's motivations in his extraordinary career as a cosplayer!  Cosplayer Score Card, Interview, Pictorial

Up and Coming Cosplayer Arkhamesque Cosplay helps us welcome October and the Halloween Season!  Cosplayer Score Card, Interview, Pictorial

Scott Hallock, Creator and Executive Producer of Scare Tactics stops by to get us ready for the return of the legendary comedic horror reality series!

'Think you like Dark Crystal Age of Resistance?  Well, Gingersnap Pixie thinks you'll love Thunderbolt Fantasy even more!  See the next big thing in her review!

Don't forget to check out our great regular features like our Links.  Lots of great sites are there for you to discover and enjoy!

Hey!  Don't forget to stop by CoolFlix to see our latest shares in video.  'Seriously.  We got cosplay, music, and even stuff for your mind!

Just a reminder:  Please welcome Gingersnap Pixie aboard as a new content provider and writer!

Check out BewitchedRaven's Interview as an Up and Coming Cosplayer.  We also think you'll like her Cosplayer Score Card and Pictorial.

We all know the name of one of video game's most beloved third party publishers, but how many of you really remember when they waged console wars?  See how HERETICPRIME thinks SEGA could have turned one of their biggest mistakes into their greatest weapon against SONY!

From Russia with Love:  HERETICPRIME interviews Evenink Cosplay, and show why she is more than just a pretty face!

Up and Coming Cosplayer Leontha graces us with an interview.  Click here to see her Cosplayer Score Card and her Pictorial.

Extraordinary Erika shows what she's made of as Up and Coming Cosplayer!  See her Cosplayer Score Card and Pictorial, also!

Eveille Cosplay shares with an interview and breaks down her motivation for characters, including her famous gijinkas!

Please Welcome Our New Writer and Content Provider:  Gingersnap Pixie!

All Cool Things™ is happy to announce that we officially have a new writer and content provider!

Gingersnap Pixie is a graphic designer, illustrator, model, cosplayer, and author that we will be featuring as a part of our HUGE month of October.

Gingersnap Pixie was such an understanding and professional person to work with, that I was extremely interested with working with her on a more permanent basis.  To my fortune, she agreed.

Be on the lookout for All Cool Things™ to change in accordance.  I think  you'll like what you see and read.

In other news, All Cool Things™ dropped by Battle & Brew for their Post Dragon Con Party which included a cosplay contest and a new underlit dance floor!

I have to tell you, Battle & Brew has really shaped up.  If you want to have a good time, you'll have one.  It's a great place to meet with friends, even if the regulars are a little shy.

Well, that's it from me.  I'm still stocking up for October and all that we have planned, so stay tuned!


'Not Too Much Happening for All Cool Things™ in September, but Lots in Store for October!

Well, in case you haven't noticed, there was no Up and Coming Cosplayer for the beginning of this month.  There also won't be one for the middle of this month either.  We had three cosplayers that said they would be featured and all three flaked.  

I've had about a dozen, maybe more flake through various stages and processes of publication.  We've even had a few that only had to resend interview material or pictures back when our computer and external hard drive blew, and they wouldn't do that.  In short, I have almost become a zen master when it comes to accepting disappointment with cosplayers destroying my deadlines.  Really, I'm fine.

One thing I will say is that those cosplayers have not affected my October line-up.  I've got so much in store for you guys and gals, and if the spirits of Samhaim allow it, I will continue to look for more content for you all to be featured for next month.

I don't want to speak to prematurely, but it looks like All Cool Things™ might also have a new writer and content provider.  If it all works out, then I'll introduce her in our next Homepage article.

I'd also like to take this time to thank Siren, Fashionista, and Corporate Slayer, Whitney Tai, and her multimedia agency GABB, for taking us on as clients!  I have no doubt in my mind that she will help take us to new heights and accomplish the one thing we strive for:  providing you all with the best content from the most deserving individuals on the internet!

Oh...I still haven't gotten to why the picture above is for AWA 2019...Well, I will actually be attending to shake hands and perhaps provide a little content while I'm there.  I was not able to attend in the capacity that I had hoped, but hopefully, I will be able to talk to some folks there and set something up for next year and each year after that so that our followers that can't make it to AWA will feel as close to being there as possible, without a badge or hotel stay!

So, for a month with relatively so little content, I certainly had a lot to say to communicate that, huh?  As always, I'm just glad you've stuck around and/or found us.  As always, I'll do my best to give you all the details.

Oh, 'one more thing!  Please join our site.  We give incentives for membership, and it's free!  As if that was not enough, joining our site gives you almost instant membership to all other Webs.com sites that require membership.



Say Hello to BewitchedRaven, Our Latest Up and Coming Cosplayer!

Hey Cool Kids!

I'm back from LA and back to business!

I am going to try to explore new options in content sharing to provide you all with more great content from even more artists and businesses that we normally couldn't find before, so stay tuned. (Since I've held this ship down all by myself all this time, I don't think I'm going to change things just yet.)

In Up and Coming Cosplayer news, we have the lovely BewitchedRaven joining us!  BewitchedRaven is an advocate for mental health and safe spaces away from bullying and intolerance.  Be sure to read all about it in her Interview.

Score Card



So, I suppose that's about it right now.

It will probably be just a little bit more of the same for September, but I'm really excited for October!  I'll be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019, so if I see you and hand you a business card, tell me if I'm doing a good job with the site.

Until next time...


Behold the Beauty of Up and Coming Cosplayer Leontha!

Summer vacation is over for some of you, but that doesn't mean the fun is over, yet!

For the beginning of the month of August, we introduce to you Leontha, the German/Polish cosplay that tries to bring her brand of beauty to the cosplay world!

I was very fortunate to feature Leontha, as she was dealing with many personal issues.  Like a true Up and Coming Cosplayer, she was not shy, and shared her experiences with us in her interview.

She also delighted us with a very in depth pictorial, that got very unexpectedly spicy!

Score Card



We are not going to end the Up and Coming Cosplayer series until the end of October, but we intend to go out with a bang with an unprecedented FOUR cosplayers!  We also intend to have Halloween themed articles for the fun it as well!

I want to thank you all so much for sticking around, and ask that you continue to stay tuned to All Cool Things™.


Extraordinary Erika:  Outdoor Goddess or Cosplay Naturalist?

Hey Cool Kids!

I hope you're enjoying your Summer and everything that Life has to offer!

I'm actually trying some new things with the Up and Coming Cosplayer series, and hopefully you'll like the changes.  I've been talking to really special cosplayers, some of which might not be cosplayers in the most technical of ways.

Some of them are character cosplayers:  cosplayers that identify with one or few characters, and specialise in variations of those characters.

Some of these cosplayers consider themselves mermaids, and wear actual functioning fins to entertain, and enjoy the open waters as living mermaids!

Speaking of which, our Up and Coming Cosplayer for the second half of July actually spends some of her time as a mermaid:  Extraordinary Erika!  Yes!  Learn about Extraordinary Erika all this week!  Learn about her triumphs and intense love of nature!

Score Card



'Just a reminder that we are still looking for cosplayers to be featured, so if you think you have the right stuff, let us know.

We are also looking for writers and content providers, especially for Halloween coming up, so if you're interested, drop us a line!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your stay!


Be Prepared to Be Blown Away by Miniilay!

Hey Cool Kids!

This week is bound to be filled with great sensations!  Barbeque smells waft around you!  Snaps, pops, and explosions of fireworks will fill the night sky with echoes and glares in the darkness.  Enjoy all of these things with family, friends, and strangers.  Enjoy them as if you don't know when it can end, because we don't.

Well, as you can see, we have a very talented cosplayer for you.  This Up and Coming Cosplayer is Miniilay, and she's a wiz when it comes to armour builds and props.  Miniilay also has quite a gothique streak to her modeling.

I'm not sure that even she knows what she wants to do with all of her talent, but I expect to see great things from her.

Score Card



We're still looking for writers, content providers, and new faces for All Cool Things™, and speaking of that:  Thank you to the ladies of Oasis Goodtimes Emporium for being such great hostesses!  We'd love to have you aboard.  (You know who you are!)

'Till next time!


Free Safari Wants You...to Respect Yourself and Other Cosplayers!

Hey Cool Kids!  Summer officially starts this weekend, and we hope you're enjoying this great weather!

This week All Cool Things™'s Up and Coming Cosplayer is Free Safari, and she has a message or two for you.  

They are things that you have probably heard before, so if you have and understand, then we're on the same page.  Thank you!  If not, then please read on with an open heart and mind.

Also, I'm pretty sure that July will be our last Up and Coming Cosplayer month.  Since I originally wanted to try it out for two seasons, this is about where it should end.

I would like to thank all of the talented cosplayers that participated, and urge that none of you be strangers.

I think I have gained a few good acquaintances out of this, and I learned a lot from all of you.

I hope everyone enjoys these last Up and Coming Cosplayers, and stay tuned to see what we come up with, next!

(Picture of Ani-Mia Courtesy of Ani-Mia)


MirCosplay Says "Hello" from Spain and All Cool Things™ Starts Getting Our Patreon Together!

June's starting Up and Coming Cosplayer is MirCosplayMirCosplay may be a geek and cosplayer from Spain, but she is no stranger to The States and our pop culture!

In our interview with her we find out how she learned English and American Slang so well.  We also find out what she thinks about lewd and boudoir shoots, and how they relate to her cosplay!

Learn all of this and more!

Score Card



Also, All Cool Things™ will be putting together a Patreon so that we can expand on our coverage of events, and share more content.

Patreon will allow us to give more ways for our followers to show their support, and us to give back in more ways, as well.

We are very early in the process, so we could use suggestions for incentives.

Part of our incentives  include getting our All Cool Girls involved with out followers.  No, we are not above Fan Service, either!

But seriously speaking, we really want to start bringing you all along with us as we go to cons, via live streaming, and bring more and more experiences right to you.  Membership will really begin to pay off!

So please, don't be shy with suggestions or support in the coming months.


All Cool Things™ Introduces Up and Coming Cosplayer Lucky Luna!


How is everyone enjoying their Spring?

We've got a great cosplayer for you from my area:  Lucky Luna!  Yes, we are both from the Metro-Atlanta area, which I consider an international center for geek and otaku fandoms.

We are the home of MomoCon ('Next week!), Anime Weekend Atlanta, Dragon Con, Cartoon Network, Battle & Brew, and so many more places to let your geek and otaku flag fly!

Well, I am especially pleased with how Lucky Luna's articles panned out, because Lucky Luna is a student and starting many projects to establish her brand in entertainment.

Lucky Luna is already getting a reputation and following here, so I am very pleased that I was able to get her interview on the way up, much like our interviews with Feisty_Vee!

Anyway, you should know the deal, now.  Below are the links to the articles that will be activated as we publish the articles.

Score Card



Thanks for checking up on us!  Until next time...


The Marvel Universe Comes Alive at Battle & Brew!

Last Saturday Battle & Brew had another one of their famous Cosplay Nights.  This time the Marvel Universe and MCU made a grand appearance.

Everybody came out in great cosplays and it seemed like most everybody got a prize.

Pictures of the even will be uploaded to the Gallery very soon as well as our social media.  If you see yourself, feel free to tag it.


She's a Long Time Coming.  Zazie Cosplay Is Our First Up and Coming Cosplayer for the Month of May!

I hope you've been enjoying the beginning of this month!

I didn't really get a chance to enjoy Free Comics Day, or "May the 4th Be with You."  I don't drink, so Cinco de Mayo will only be a matter of historic reflection.  However, I do get to introduce to you an extremely talented and sensual cosplayer:  Ms. Zazie Cosplay!

I've had her articles finished for months, but I wanted to wait for the absolute right time to publish them.

I wanted to try something different with her feature.  The Score Card and Interview were the same, but I also included non-cosplay modeling pictures, as well as some candid picks she took, including selfies.  If you like it, let us know.  If not, well, we want to hear that, too, but we think you'll LOVE it!

Score Card



'Til next time!


After Your Discussion of Game of Thrones, Come Meet Akiza Cosplay!

I'm sure everyone watched Game of Thrones, last night.  Don't worry, I'm not going to talk about it.  'Just the cosplay party that Battle & Brew had Saturday night. 

Cosplayers came dressed as characters from Game of Thrones for fun and prizes.  Two of the cosplayers were Dirty Z Cosplay as King Baratheon, and Caldwell Cosplay as Jon Snow.  In my opinion, they had the best costumes, GoT isn't the only thing on my mind!

It's Akiza Cosplay, of course!  Akiza Cosplay is our Up and Coming Cosplayer for the end of April.  She's not quite as seasoned as the other cosplayers we've featured, but she has great respect and potential.

Score Card



I also have a couple of articles planned if I can squeeze them in.  Hopefully one will be published at the end of the month.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your stay.


You Don't Have to Be an April Fool to Love Yuna Kairi!

Happy April Fools!

There's a lot going on right now!  It's April Fools, but everything we tell you right now is no joke!  Some of you are enjoying Spring Break.  Some of you are pranking.   Some of you are just enjoying Spring.  But most importantly, it's time to introduce you to this month's starting Up and Coming Cosplayer:  Yuna Kairi!

Yuna Kairi is everything you'd expect from an elite cosplayer from Russia.  She has beauty, skill, even sex appeal when she wants to show it, but what struck me the most about Yuna Kairi was her sense of glamour and presence.

But don't take my word for it!  You have all week to get to know her!  You know the drill!


And don't forget to Share and Comment!


Spring Was Made for Neverdreamchild, Our Latest Up and Coming Cosplayer!

Happy Spring Break!  As we celebrate the change of seasons with travel, rest, and relaxation, All Cool Things™ introduces Neverdreamchild!

Neverdreamchild is one of the most unique cosplayers we have had the pleasure to meet, and her talents will easily become apparent.

If you like what you see, please let her know, because we need more cosplayers like Neverdreamchild getting exposure, because we need all kinds of cosplayers.  

We also need prospective cosplayers to know that there are all types of cosplayers to be.

As always, All Cool Things™ thanks you for your support and wishes you a safe and Happy Spring Break.

Cosplayer Score Card




All Cool Things™ and Ruff Edges at Toylanta 2019

This past weekend I was at the Toylanta toy and collectibles convention.  As some of you may know, Toylanta is the name of a metro Atlanta convention listed in our links section, and was formerly named Joelanta.

Why was I there?  I was helping promote the Cartersville Comic Con.

The Cartersville Comic Con was founded by Dustin Ruff and Shane Hester, the owners and founders of Ruff Edges:  a comics and collectibles store. (Both of which are also in our Links section.)  The Cartersville Comic Con will take place in mid-September.

While I was there I was able to also meet some nice cosplayers that not only came out for a deal, but to share their art. (We'll talk about it more in Our Staff under "Site Social," have all of the pictures up in Gallery under "Media.")

I also made a pit stop at the  Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo 2019 to talk to the vendors and artists, and also promote the Cartersville Comic Con, as well.

'Not a bad weekend, with lots to do.


All Cool Things™ Welcomes Cree Nicole!

Finding great cosplayers was an obvious pleasure of starting Up and Coming Cosplayers.  Every now and then I get the unexpected surprise of finding unique cosplayers that not only share a bit of themselves, but by doing so they share their art and make it seem new.  Having said that, this is Cree Nicole.

Monday:  Cosplayer Score Card

Wednesday:  Interview

Friday:  Pictorial

March is going to be a good month.


Journey Well, Andy Anderson.  You Are Sorely Missed, and Will Not Be Forgotten.

It is with great sadness that we at All Cool Things™ must say goodbye to business partner and musical icon, Andy Anderson.

Andy Anderson is perhaps best known as a drummer for The Cure, but has worked with many other musical phenoms as well.

Other such musical acts include Jimmy Sommerville, Peter Gabriel, Iggy Pop, and Isaac Hayes.

Andy Anderson had been battling Cancer and took tragically ill this February.  I can personally attest that even in his final weeks, Andy was positive and did not want pity or morbid talk of death.

Even before we were business partners, I have to admit that I was star-struck.  He was the only Black member of my favourite group in the whole world.  Then he was kind enough to bless me with conversation and friendship.  

My life is richer having known you, and emptier in your absence. 

Journey well, My Friend.

Andy Anderson

(January 30, 1951-February 26, 2019)


It's Time to Meet Kimikokoro!

We finish February's Up and Coming Cosplayers with Kimikokoro, a talented and modest young lady with a love for makeup effects.

Get to know Kimikokoro this Monday by reviewing her Cosplayer Score Card.  Wednesday you can get to know her better by reading her interview.  And lastly on Friday, take a look at her pictorial, but try not to get your heart broken by all of that concentrated kawaii!

Also, we're not going to overload you with rumours and sensational claims concerning the scandal Vic Mignogna.  However, if we can find any facts, this will be the first place we will report them.

Just for sake of record, I have searched the internet and forums for proof of any police reports, convention investigation, or even first hand allegations of unprofessional or unwanted attention from Vic Mignogna, and have come up with none. 

I will say that I find it suspicious that only after the recent personal allegations of unwanted and unprofessional contact from Vic Mignogna, fellow voice actor Monica Rial was given jobs at Funimation and Rooster Teeth that were previously held by Vic Mignogna.  On the surface, I cannot imagine a purely ethical situation that this could take place.  This is just my personal opinion of the facts at hand.

In any case, I hope you enjoy Kimikokoro's articles and be sure to support her on her Patreon if you appreciate her work, and follow her on social media.

'Til next time...


Vic Mignogna Is Innocent!

I'm sure you're wondering how we can make such a statement.  There is a lot of talk going around about Vic Mignogna and sexual harassment.  Many conventions are cutting ties with him.  In fact, Funimation is not only cutting ties with Vic Mignogna, but recasting some of his roles.  They are even giving his job to a co-worker that has recently alleged stories of her of unprofessional behaviour on Vic Mignogna's part.

So how can we state that without a doubt that Vic Mignogna is innocent?  'Simple:  He has not been charged with anything, much less been put on trial.

Yes!  One of the reasons that the colonies that would become the USA broke ties with England was the concept that a person should be considered innocent until proven guilty by a jury of her/his peers, and only after being able to face and address her/his accusers in a court of law.  

However, it appears that we live in a time where certain issues are so taboo, that at the risk of appearing insensitive to the victim, someone must be punished, even if there is a question of there even being a victim.

I am a member of a Facebook group for people that run anime conventions (because of my brief time with AniBlaze), and somebody wrote a post about Vic Mignogna that put the group in a froth.  All I asked was if anyone had any proof that Vic Mignogna did 1/10 of what people in the group had alleged.  Were there any police reports or records of investigations; no one could provide anything.  Despite this fact, the vast majority of people in the group began to treat me as if I was an advocate of rape and molestation.

Why did they treat me this way:  Because I asked for facts and proof.  'Because I said that before we try to destroy a man's well-being, reputation, and ability to support himself and his family, we'd better be sure that he deserves it, or at least did the things that he is alleged of.

As I watched a few people echo similar reasoning of mine, it became apparent that having laws and punishment without due process and logic could not only become tyrannical, but a tool for censorship.  Even the talk of reason could be equated with siding with rapists.    'Asking for evidence, proof, or explanation the same as not believing the victim.

I think we all want bad people to get what they deserve, and we all want victims to be made whole, but when we punish good people, they become the victims, and we become the villains.  Let's try to remember that before we cast premature judgement on each other.


Are You Ready for FeistyVee!!?

If you follow cosplayers, then I'm sure you know just who this is...It's FeistyVee!

She was was one of the cosplayers that made me want to start this series of Up and Coming Cosplayers!  She's talented.  She's hard working.  She's beautiful.  Lastly, she's got charisma and loves to share with her audience. 

 Yes, FeistyVee is a high profile cosplayer positioned for cosplay celebrityhood.  You will get to know her now with us, and let me tell you:  I've seen some of her interviews with other folks and in my humble opinion, you should read all of theirs first and then read ours, because she really shares herself with us.

Wanna know who she loves to work with?  Wanna know what stokes her fire when she's not cosplaying?  Wanna know what it takes to get her to respond to you on social media?  Well, you better stay tuned to us this week and read her interviews!  Then, if that's not enough, you know what happens Friday...Yup...FeistyVee gives it up to us in a pictorial featuring exclusive pictures lent to All Cool Things™.

Well, we've got some bad news...Our main computer went tits up, taking with it gigs and gigs of data and content.

Luckily for us, we already have months of articles for Up and Coming Cosplayers already uploaded.   However, all of the cosplayers that we have been waiting on for things like pictures or interview questions were completely wiped....

Yup, we'll probably have to contact half of the cosplayers we are featuring to get all of that content back, all over again...If you are one of those cosplayers, I hope you do us a solid, and resend all of your stuff if we ask...

In any case, we don't want you to focus on our bad news for us.  We promise that you won't suffer from this, even if we have to burn the Midnight Oil to get things done.

We would also like to inform you FeistyVee has launched her Patreon this month, so if you like feature (and we know you will) head on over there and pledge!


The Week of BadAsh Cosplay!

Yes!  BadAsh Cosplay is our second cosplayer for Up and Coming Cosplayers, and the talented artist chosen to end our first official month of this series!

As outlined before, we just dropped her Cosplayer Score Card.  Wednesday we publish her official Interview.  Friday features her pictorial.

We also wanted to share that due to request, we have relaxed the conditions of the pictures used for our Up and Coming Cosplayers series.  We still want as many exclusive pictures as you can get us, but it no longer has to be 100%.  We are trying to shoot for somewhere in the range of 35-50%.  We hope that helps!

Please share and comment on the articles.  We want BadAsh Cosplay and all of the other very talented featured artists to get as much exposure and recognition for their hard work as possible!

Thanks again, Cool Kids!


Are You Ready for the Next Up and Coming Cosplayer?

I hope you liked the first three articles in our Up and Coming Cosplayer series.

In case you were curious as to whom the next cosplayer would be next week, we thought we'd give you a sneak preview, but you'll have to wait until next week for more!

It's BadAsh Cosplay!

Take a look at her profile to whet your appetite, and come back next week for the main course of interviews and never-before shared exclusive pics!


Happy New Year from All Cool Things™!

I wanted to take this time to first wish you a Happy New Year!  I wish the best of your past becomes the worst of your future!

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that the Up and Coming Cosplayer articles start today!  Okay, it's not exactly January, but to keep things on schedule, we are publishing the first article featuring the lovely, fit, and very talented AlliZ Cosplay!

This also gives me an opportunity to inform everyone how the cosplayers will hence be featured.  On the first week of the month we will feature the first cosplayer of that month.  That Monday will be for her/his Cosplayer Score Card; an exclusive picture and some general questions the average person would like to know about all cosplayers.  The Wednesday after will be for the interview; more specific questions, as well as even more exclusive pictures never shared on social media.  The Friday after that will be a pictorial article with nothing but pictures that have never been before been shared to the public.  In short:   new cosplayers you will get to know, and pictures that they haven't even shared with their followers!

You do not have to be a member of the site to read these articles, but in the future, we may limit any special content to members.  As it has always been, membership is free.  You only have to sign up, and as of 2018 members still get a 10% off code, up from the 5% we previously offered!

Well, I guess that's about it for us this year.  Please enjoy the premiere of AlliZ Cosplay, and we'll see you again for more in the upcoming year!


It's Almost That Time...Christmas is Almost Here..!!!

The pictures are here to serve as two very important reminders to you:  1) As we celebrate the Holiday Season for all of the many customs that take place this time of year, I would like to single one out that has been near and dear to me my whole life:  Christmas!  It's almost here!  2) Sometime very soon Santa is going to deliver some cosplay goodness with an interview with Evenink Cosplay!

That's right!  Originally, Evenink Cosplay was going to be a part of our Up and Coming Cosplayers series, but she's already an established phenom in her own rights with the skills to be one of the truly greats, so we went ahead and gave her her own article...Who am I kidding!  We were blessed by her to be granted it!

Just as a reminder, I am still putting the pieces together for the first few months' cosplayers.  If you want to be a part of the Up and Coming Cosplayers for 2019, it's not too late!  In fact it's far from it!

As a reminder, we just need anywhere from 12-30 pictures that have not been published or shared with the public at large, and we need to be able to exclusively share them for at least a month after your articles have been published.  After that, share away!  You will also have two short interviews.  On will be in the form of a cosplayer checklist.  The other will be a short proper interview from 10-15 questions.  'Just enough coverage to let the good folks know you and grab you some new followers or patrons.

Readers/Visitors, we're counting on you to share our articles and help our Up and Coming Cosplayers reach the masses!  I promise you, you won't be disappointed in the talent we've got in store for you!

And with that, we at All Cool Things™ would like to once again wish you Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!


And Our First Up and Coming Cosplayer is:  AlliZ Cosplay!

First, I would like to say thank you to all of the cosplayers that have already shown interest in our new Up and Coming Cosplayer series.  If the response like this continues we will have all of our spots filled up for the first quarter before 2019!

Second, on behalf of All Cool Things™ I would like to congratulate and introduce the cosplayer to grace our Premiere Up and Coming Cosplayer article:  AlliZ Cosplay!

AlliZ Cosplay is a cosplayer living, in New York, perfecting her craft, and collaborating with other cosplayers for fun.

AlliZ Cosplay's articles should be up in the first week of January in 2019, so be sure to check up that whole week for each one!

AlliZ Cosplay will be the first in a long line of promising cosplayers that you will learn about right here at All Cool Things™, and if everything goes according to plan, we'll have bonus content for site members in the future.

So stay tuned, and thanks for your support!


All Cool Things™ Is on the Look-Out for Up and Coming Cosplayers!

Everybody here at All Cool Things™ hopes that everyone out there is enjoying their Holiday!

Just as you have probably slowed down for family and friends, so have we, so we apologise for the lack of content.  However, we do have plans for things in the new year to come, and one of them has to do with Cosplay!

All Cool Things™ has noticed the number of Cosplayers on the rise and is looking for the best and brightest so that we may formally introduce them to the international community.

If you are a cosplayer and you are looking to introduce yourself to the community, gain more followers, or are just proud of your work, and want some exposure, then contact us to be featured.

All Cool Things™ will be publishing a new series of articles of up and coming cosplayers that will consist of an interview to get to know her or him, and a pictorial of images that you cannot find anywhere else at that time, because we will get them first!

If you are not a cosplayer, but you know someone that you think would enjoy and appreciate the exposure, please point her or him in our direction or drop us a link to their page.

Once again, we hope that you all are enjoying the Holiday Season, and appreciate your support and fellowship!


Check Out Our Latest Interview, Plus Come Out and See Us!

How is everyone?  I know that we are all still trying to move on since the passing of Stan Lee, last week.  Just remember that it is still the Holiday Season, and that with Thanksgiving coming up this week, we should try to focus on the people and things we still have in our lives, and cherishing them while we are all still here.

Eveille Cosplay was kind enough to grace us with an interview.  She opens up on her views on costuming and cosplaying, and how they affect her photography and career.

Also, if you're in the Conyers area of Georgia in Early December, please come and say hi to us at the Conyers Toy & Comic Book Show on December 2, 2018.  Not only will we be vending, but we will be looking for new writers and staff for future engagements.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Thank you for your years of support, and never hesitate to reach out to us in the years to come!


All Cool Things™ shares our Top Ten Movies to Watch Around Halloween!

Halloween tugs at the fear centers of our minds, but also our hearts!  It is not only a time for candy, costumes, and parties, but it also signals the beginning of the Holiday Season!  

Is it strange that we kick off such a time of family and friends with fear, death, gore, and the supernatural?  Perhaps, but humans are strange creatures, and life complex and confusing, always with the reminder of death and lost family, friends, and acquaintances.  

Could it be that for our Holiday Season, there is a need to remember The Dead, and that this is a necessary portal to our fund memories of them?  Could it be that we must first remember and respect our losses before we can be Thankful for what we have.  Could I go even further to say that once we remember our losses, and Thankful for what we are Given, that we might even have hope to regain those old and beloved connections, much like the stories of Christ rising from the dead?  Is our loss perhaps the the sacrifice we must endure for a greater sense of gratefulness and a glorious reuniting of family, friends, and acquaintances?

I don't know.  I am but a humble webmaster and business owner.  I am merely contemplating something that I give great meaning and feelings to, yet do not truly know all of the reasons why.  I do know that I enjoy your company, and look forward to sharing the Holiday Season for yet another year.  I also have high hopes for the next year.

Oh, and go ahead and enjoy or Top Ten Movies to Watch  Around Halloween, or something.

Happy Halloween from All Cool Things™.

Oh, if anyone could let me know who made the beautiful horror collage above, I would truly appreciate it.  I couldn't make out her/his name.

All Cool Things™ Wonders What the New Season of Doctor Who Has to Offer!


By now we've all gotten a chance to see a couple of the new episodes of Doctor Who.  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed in the first episode, as I thought that the caper was a little simple for The Doctor to fix, but the writers did have the daunting task of reintroducing The Doctor, and the ambitious attempt at introducing four companions (even if one petered out) all in one episode.

While we have gotten a slight look into the new season with these first two episodes, we still have no idea what's in store for the good Doctor, or the seasons, much less the franchise as a whole.

In our latest article, All Cool Things™ asks our Top Ten questions as pertaining to Doctor Who with Jodie Whittaker at the helm.   As always, please feel free to Share, Like, and Comment.  We genuinely look forward to dialogue, suggestions, and your return!

Oops...We Dun Goofed...

So...we just found out that our Member software has been messed up for some time, and that folks that may have been trying to apply for free membership with the site probably have not been able to...'Sorry..?

Yeah...so All Cool Things™ is doing two things:  1) We have opened all of our articles to the public.  If you want to go back and see those steamy pictures of MomoKun Cosplay, you can now.  If you want to read any of the bonus interview articles, you can now.  2) If ask us for the coupon code for 10% off purchases, we'll give it to you.  That's right.  All you have to do is go to Cool Things to Buy and read our update information.  It's that simple.

We know that this doesn't make up for all of the frustration you might have felt, but we hope you see this as a good start.  If there is anything else that we can do, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support, and once again, but more seriously:  We are very sorry.

***Supergirl is owned by DC and Warner Bros.***

Members Only Art Pictorial by Crump Smash is Up!

You Members are in for a treat!  Those Crump Smash pictorial pics just dropped, and they are NOICE!  We even have a variant of Bowsett, over there, in the pictorial.

To view them, all you have to do is click on Bowsette and be a Member. (Non-Members will be redirected.  Non-Members can't even SEE Members Only material.)

'Not a Member?  Just click on "Register" over at the logue in block on the right, answer a few questions, and you're in!

Members get access to all sorts of site goodies, not to mention a coupon code good for 10% off site purchases.

All Cool Things™ Drops in on the October Atlanta Comic Convention, Plus the Bonus Interview with Crump Smash is UP!

October 7, 2018 at the Atlanta Comic Convention, lots of comic book dealers, as well as sci-fi and fantasy vendors and artists showed up to show off their collections and make some deals with the masses!

The Atlanta Comic Convention has four intimate conventions every year for a mere $5.00 each!  All of the guests they have will sign your appropriate collectibles, and they do it for FREE!  Try to find that at any other convention!

The next convention will be in December of this year, and will have John Dugan, the actor perhaps best known for playing Grandpa Sawyer in both the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Texas Chainsaw 3D (He also had a bit role as a police officer in Texas Chainsaw Massacre:  The Next Generation.), as well as the same vendors, artists, and dealers you've come to expect from a convention that has been going strong for over 20 years!

Also, the bonus Members Only interview with Crump Smash is up!  You won't even see it unless you are a Member!

It's quick and easy to join.  Plus, Members get a special coupon code for 10% off site purchases!

Just go to the right of the site and click on "Register" next to the "Sign In" to start.

All Cool Things™ Interviews Crump Smash!

All Cool Things™ has a real treat for you!  We have been blessed with an interview with artist Crump Smash!

All Members get a special treat.  The first interview is ready to read right now, but we will have a bonus second interview that will drop either later this week, or next week.  We will also have a pictorial article of some of Crump Smash's art on the more racy side!

If you aren't a Member yet, then join!  It's free!

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See!?  "You're now down with a discount!"

MegaCon Tampa 2018, All Cool Things™ Was in You!

All Cool Things™ attended Tampa City's MegaCon 2018 in Florida, and while were sad to commit convention adultery on Anime Weekend Atlanta, we had a great experience.  It was great meeting all of the folks and enjoying that Floridian hospitality!

MegaCon Tampa is a pop culture convention in the MegaCon family along with MegaCon Orlando.  

Guests included a bevy of cosplayers and actors including Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, John de Lancie, Peter Capaldi, Corbin Bernsen, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Notable attendees included BJ and Lydia's Bio-Exorcism World Tour @BioExorcism, Doc's Time Machines, courtesy of Coulombe Enterprises, the 501st LegionThe Florida Garrison, the CAT5 Ghostbusters, Carolina Gonzalez of the Gamer Comic Expo, Matthew Sardo of Monkeys Fighting RobotsSuper Cosplay Shots, Rob Taylor of Herofied Art, Dustin-Allen Davis, Mark Knight Rises, and Visual Vigilante.

More pictures will be available soon on our social media.  Perhaps we'll even bring back our photo gallery and put some pics up there, as well.

Stay tuned for more interviews in the future, as well as updates to our site!

Thanos Vs. The MCU!  Place Your Bets!

You might not know this, but the owner is a huge True Believer and retired comic book collector.  In fact, I was still collecting during the original Infinity Gauntlet storyline that Avengers:  Infinity Wars would get inspiration from.

I know that a lot of people are asking questions about how this MCU story arc is going to end, and a lot of people also have their ideas.  Well, we decided to throw our hats into the ring and say what I thought would be a cool way for it to end.

We don't have any inside knowledge, so there are no spoilers accept for movies that have already come out, and if you haven't seen most of the movies mentioned, then you probably don't care anyway.  If you do care, feel free to read our article >>>>HERE<<<<. 

Like most articles, you don't have to be a member to read it, but it still pays to join the site for free to see all of the hidden and bonus articles, and receive 10% of all purchases from the site.

The Bonus Pics of MomoKun Are Up!

As said before, we would be putting up some bonus pics we found up and around the internet that were a tad spicy to be in the original article.  If you're a bit on the prudish side, you now have fair warning!

Also as said before, this is for MEMBERS ONLY, so if you want to see them, just join the site.  It's free and easy, plus you get a coupon code for 10% off all future purchases.  Who knows how long we'll keep that up?

To join, just look to the right at the tab for registration.  Then use the same tab to sign in from now on.  To see the article click >>>HERE<<< or on the pic!

Sympathy for the Devil

What are the chances of two main articles with MomoKun?  She's fallen into a bad media patch lately.  I'm sure you know what I'm talking about and seen several videos, articles, and/or posts about it by now.  You're probably also getting tired of them also.  Well, don't worry.  We didn't write that kind of article about her.

Instead, I wanted to shine a different kind of light on MomoKun.  Should she be held responsible for her actions?  Yes.  Should rules of personal space be consistent regardless of gender?  Perhaps.  Have some of us overreacted to this?  Should we cut MomoKun a little slack?  Can she recover from this?  Those are the three questions that we look at in our latest article,  "Have We Crucified MomoKun or Have Her Chickens Finally Come Home to Roost?"

Take a look.  Read it a few times.  Talk about it.  Let us know what you think.  I'm also thinking about putting up a bonus spread of some pictures of MomoKun that I found interesting and that fans will love.  Oh, and it's for members only, so go ahead and join up if you want to see them.  It's free and takes almost no time at all!  What do you have to lose?

Are We Seeing the First Ill Effects of Patreon in Cosplay?

'Made you look!

Well, you know what they say:  "Sex sells!" However, we have a better reason than that to have a smoking hot picture of Momokun on this page update.  She is actually one of the cosplayers that we talk about in our latest article.

What's the topic?  It's whether Patreon is finally showing the first signs of casualties in cosplay.

Some might not realise it, but I have noticed an overall decline in spirits and genuine cosplay in the community, and I think it may be due to Patreon.

It could be a case of me seeing that I may subconsciously want to see, because as some of you may know, I have never been a fan of the sweeping trend of cosplayers resorting to Patreon to help support them.  I've listed the reasons before in past articles, so I'm not about to bore you or fill this update with them.

What I haven't done, or been able to do before, is give somewhat tangible examples of what I call "Patreon Rash" on the cosplay community.

If you're bored, or have a good 10 minutes to spare, I beseech you to check out our latest article, "Is Patreon Good for the Art of Cosplay?"

Thanks for stopping by!

All Cool Things™ Checks Out TraVerus Global and Their Vacations!

So as a part of our new direction of increasing our scope into reviews of products and services, All Cool Things™ will be reviewing a vacation gifted to us by an agent from TraVerus Global.

We will be reviewing the redemption of this in all parts, and everything that we went through in the process.

Stay tuned and check out our periodical reviews of TraVerus Global in our "Take It or Leave It" in "Stuff."

Special Sneak Preview of the Victrix Pro AF™ ANC!

As mentioned before, here is the article about the new Victrix Pro AF™ANC!

Preorders are being taken now, and including goodies that will not be available for free later!

Final Round 2018:  Tournament of the Fighting Game Gods!

We at All Cool Things™ were happy to have the opportunity to attend Final Round 2018 and witness the largest Southeastern Fighting Game Tournament in the USA!

For those that do not know, Final Round is an annual international EVO affiliated tournament that is streamed live all over the world.

Heavy hitting sponsors such as Capcom and Bandai Namco show up in full effect to share goodies from the past, as well as for the future, such as the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and Soulcalibur VI, which were both on hand for unlimited play!

Final Round is beginning to embrace cosplay as an aspect of their tournament and is definitely beginning to have a convention-esque vibe to it!  There was a cosplay contest with 11 contestants, but I'm sure that by next year, it will feel more like a full cosplay event, just based on the buzz and response of this one.  Hershey Kissu, all the way from Canada came to compete in the cosplay contest as Morrigan from Darkstalkers!

We were also able to meet some great artists such as Mike Bedsole and Crystal Aura Wilson, as well as folks from Vicious Violet Productions.

Navz from Victrix Gaming was there, and we got to try out what could be the next big thing in professional gaming:  the Victrix PRO AF!  These professional grade headsets come complete with hybrid noise cancellation and patented trademark microphone technologies that were exclusive and military grade!

Who knows, but with some more guidance and word of mouth, Final Round could become something to rival Anime Weekend Atlanta and Momocom.  'Maybe it will even take Dragon Con by the tail..?

Interview with Neverending Dreamz!

Wow!  Dust off the cobwebs!  Sorry for the inactivity.  Hopefully that is over!

Please check out the "Take It or Leave It" under our "Stuff" heading.  We have a brand new interview with Neverending Dreamz.  In case you've been under a rock (like us) he is an up and coming cosplayer and master of the keyblade!

Also, for the first time ever, we have bonus material for members of the site, only!  Yup, "Membership has its privileges."  

'Not a member?  It's easy to join, and free.  Just click >>>HERE<<<.

Thanks for coming back!

AniBlaze "Beta" Convention a Success!

October 15, 2016 marked a great moment in Georgia Convention history as AniBlaze officially completed their first convention!

It was somewhat impromtu, to test the waters and get the word out about AniBlaze, but was a success nonetheless!

As a reminder, the 3 Day convention will be March 3-5, 2017 but right now AniBlaze will be offering special Halloween rates for the next few days, so now is a great time to preregister!

Please Support Our GoFundMe!

Please help support AniBlaze by donating to our GoFundMe and Sharing our GoFundMe, as well.

There are some handsome rewards for donating, plus the added satisfaction and pride in contributing to the type of Anime and Fan Convention that you would want to see made!

Also, please Like us on Facebook!

This GoFundMe has been terminated!  Thanks for all of your support!

AniBlaze Anime & Fan Convention:  Atlanta's Spring Convention!

Hey Cool Kids!

We just wanted to announce that Atlanta has a new convention in the works, and it's AniBlaze Anime & Fan Convention!

Some of you might have heard about this convention, but most of you probably haven't.  In any case, I'll give you a little background to introduce you and to clear the air on anything you might have heard.

Originally, AniBlaze was to take place in 2016, in March.  It had a decent lineup, especially for a year one con, but due hotel issues, was unable to take place.  In an attempt to please all of the people, AniBlaze attempted to postpone it until early May.  Due to factors including original guests not being able to reschedule, committee chairs and other staff relocating, and close proximity to MomoCon's date, AniBlaze had to cancel that date.

Since then the CEOs of both AniBlaze LLC and Otaku no Baka, LLC have partnered up to form the new executive management team at AniBlaze LLC.  This shall reestablish and provide constant stability for AniBlaze, and ensure a convention experience that will open a new door for fandoms in Atlanta that want an intimate convention experience again, and something to do locally and in Spring.

AniBlaze will be having a mini-con on October 15 at the Sheraton Suites Galleria-Atlanta, across from the Cobb Galleria Centre.  (Yes, the same Sheraton also affiliated with Anime Weekend Atlanta!) It will be to formally introduce itself to the public and give a taste of what's to come in March of 2017, which will be the first large annual convention.

At this moment, AniBlaze is accepting inquiries and requests for those that want to vend in the vendors' and artists' areas.  Vendor spots will be $50 per 10 X 10 booth space, and can purchase multiples for extended space.  Artist spots will be $30 for a table, but artists may purchase a vendor spot if they so desire.  However, not only is area limited, but vendor spaces bought by businesses will be limited by product/service genre to maintain a fun variety goods and services and healthy and limited competition amongst vendors.  The vending area will be open from 9 AM to 5 PM.

AniBlaze is also accepting inquiries and requests for people that may want to speak, run panels, or be celebrity guests.   We are deciding if we will have a program book, and in the case we do, advertising applications will be up, as well.  (Talk to us about product and service donations in lieu of monetary advertising payment, as well.)

Pre-registration forms are being prepared as you read this and should be up on the main AniBlaze site no later than July 29, 2016 for attendance, vending, speaking, panel submission, and celebrity guest appearances.  Pre-registration forms for the March 2017 even shall also be made available SOON.

For new information keep up with AniBlaze's official website, All Cool Things™, and our many social media sites.

Cartoon Themed Cosplay Night at Battle & Brew 3/12/16

Battle & Brew hosted another one of their Cosplay Nights on Saturday, March 12, 2016, and All Cool Things™ was there.

There were lots of cosplayers there and the atmosphere was very light and jovial, with people playing games, dining in, mingling at the bar, and even playing tabletop games in the tabletop area.

There were some serious cosplayers, but a good number of them were hobbyists as well.

Something else of note, just like any well-trained Pokémon, the menu for Battle & Brew has evolved.  I was sad to see some items leave, but I think a lot of folks will be very happy to see the new additions.

Feel free to browse our Gallery to view our pictures from Cartoon Cosplay Night.

Stay tuned to your "Personal Hub for All Cool Things since 2011" for more real geekery.

- Picture shot by HERETICPRIME, of the friendly and very talented Takumisa Cosplay

Happy Holidays from All Cool Things™!

I'll keep it short and sweet, this year.

Thanks to all of you that come and put your feet up and sat a spell.

Thanks to all the cool people that respond and give their blessings to be featured here.

Thanks to all the partners and friends.

Thanks to you for reading this today.

I hope to see all of you next year, so stay safe this Holiday Season!

-Picture shot by Leo Photography of our lovely partner, J Cosplay

Happy Thanksgiving from All Cool Things™!

Hello, everybody.  We here, at All Cool Things™ would like to take this time to thank you for your visits to the site.

We enjoy knowing that you come to watch the videos, read the articles, visit our valued partners, and shop at in our webstore. 

As the second quarter of the winter holiday season, it is encouraged for us all to give thanks for the things we have, and to gird up for the holiday season in December, when we try to share that bounty with others.

Let's all try to remember that, as we meet from all corners of the globe to reconnect with family and friends, and enjoy how we've changed in the past year.

I think that if we truly remembered to do those things, then we would enjoy our holiday gatherings so much more, and learn to be more accepting of family and change, which is really what this season is about, as well.

So as family and friends return home, let us accept them for who they are, and not who we thought they were, and love them just the same.  Let us put aside old squabbles, and remember the friendships that preceded them.  Let us say good-bye to the past, remember the ones we have lost, but still join hands in thanks of the loved ones that carry on.

All Cool Things™ wishes you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

All Cool Things™ Will Be Closing at the End of This Month.

The Website will be closed from Thursday, September 24, 2015 - Monday, September 28, 2015.  We will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta.  All orders made after Wednesday, September 23, 2015 will be processed on Tuesday, September 29, 2015.  Business and processing will also re-ensue, as usual, on Tuesday, September 29, 2015.  Thank you for your patience and understanding, in advance.

What?  You didn't think we were closing for good, did you? 

All Cool Things™ Teams Up with Battle and Brew and J Cosplay for Trivia Night!  7/1/15

If you haven't made it to the new location for Battle and Brew, yet, then I can give you one great new reason to:  On a soon to be announced Trivia Night Wednesday, All Cool Things™ will be giving away a fully articulated 18 inch Cyberdyne Series 101 T-800 Terminator Endoskeleton, made by NECA, the masters of movie reproduction collectibles!  This is to celebrate the theatrical release of "Terminator Genisys."

This item is discontinued and highly collectible!

Presenting it will be the lovely and very talented costumer and cosplayer, J Cosplay!

She will appear for pictures and autographs an hour before Trivia Night takes place, so come on in early!

We are hoping that this will be the start of a long partnership with the coolest restaurant we know of, and we like to think that we know a little bit about what's cool, here at All Cool Things™.

Feel free to browse our Gallery to view our pictures from Trivia Night.

'Just to tell you a little bit more about J Cosplay, she is an otaku and gamer.  Although she does not like fighting games, ("Nah, I suck at fighting games.") she loves Cammy White.

She is an avid con attender, going to local cons such as MomoCon,  Anime Weekend Atlanta, and of course, Dragon Con, so if you think you have seen her there, you probably did!

She has been interviewed and covered by industry publications like Nerdcaliber and the French blog "Daily Héros."

J Cosplay is also an All Cool Things™ partner, and one to watch on the cosplay scene!

Happy MomoCon Weekened!

Well, MomoCon starts this Thursday for the first time, both as a four day event, and at the World Congress Center!

I had planned to go last year, and had my ducks all in a row, but real life came a-knockin,' and I had to make some hard decisions.

For all of you fine otaku, comic, sci-fi, and fantasy geeks that do go, please be safe and make this premiere such an event, that the move to it's new location is filled to the brim.

Also, give Jess and her hubby a hug for me!

All Cool Things™ and Jack of All Nerds!

'So Sorry for the long time without updates, but the I have been very busy with IRL tasks that kept me away from a lot of the things that I love doing.

Hopefully, that has changed, and I'll be able to be much more attentive with updates.  I might even get some much needed help around here to shoulder the burden.  *fingers crossed*

In any case, I'm here to report, a little later than I should have, that I, HERETICPRIME, will have the extreme honour of being on the Jack of All Nerds podcast.

To listen to the podcast, click >>>

Jack of All Nerds is actually featured in our Cool Links under the "Fandom Zone," or simply click on the picture, if you want to check them out right now.

Jack of All Nerds has actually been very busy lately, as well, interviewing such stars as Wil Wheaton and Bai Ling, and even making it out to Club Cosplay to hang out amongst cosplay royalty.

Just a warning:  It will not be for children!  From what I understand, Jack of All Nerds is known for their blue language, and with what I've had on my mind in geekdom, as of late, I think I'll feel like venting some, myself!

So, that's all for now.  Try to make it outside and enjoy this good weather that is beginning to crack through all that snow and ice, but please visit when you are inside.


This Is Why We Do It!

Halloween is almost here, again, and I get to enjoy one of my favourite holidays once more!

Why do I love Halloween so much?  It is the one time of the year that we allow ourselves, and each other, not to be the people we want to be, but ANYTHING we want to be!  In fact, it goes even further than that!  We can even take something that scares us out of our wits, and become it!  How is THAT for empowerment?

When else can a person be a pirate, ninja, caveman, or cosmic intergalactic being? 'Halloween...and when you cosplay!  Yes!  Think about it!  When we cosplay, it's like carrying a piece of Halloween with us wherever we go, and when we go to conventions, we might as well be in the Land of Halloween!  (Sometimes you even see Jack Skeleton!)

Well, not to beat you over the head with all of the LED stuff that you can get to make your costumes or keep your kids visible and safe with as they trick or treat, *cough, cough* I did want to share a letter that a mother wrote to us about the site, so please take a look.

Thanks to all of you that enjoy the site.  THIS is why WE do it!:

Hi there,

I wanted to send you a 'thank you' for your webpage (https://www.allcoolthings.net/apps/links/). I am sewing a costume for my daughter Lauren for Halloween and we were looking online together for ideas. I had no idea what cosplay even was until today - thanks for the information and great ideas, it's been a great help!

She also found another great resource that was helpful for people like me who didn't fully understand cosplay and everything about it! The article is "Costume Play: All About Cosplay" - http://www.halloweenexpress.com/costume-play-all-about-cosplay.php

Would you mind including the article on your page for me? I thought that it would fit in well with your page, and Lauren will be happy to hear that you liked her information! Let me know if you get the chance to update - and thanks again for the great website!

Have a great day, 


Help Support Our Friend, Rayne Marie Williams, on Her Guest Appearance on Zombiepalooza Radio!

At 8:00 PM EST, Rayne Marie Williams, co-author of project, The Life of the Living When the World Ends, will be on Zombiepalooza Radio.

Zombiepalooza Radio is one of many fan sites popping up that functions as a forum for all lovers of all things Zombie!  They have fans, actors, writers, and directors, alike, as guests for their podcast, and Rayne will be the guest on that Friday.

Be a pal, and listen, won't you?  The link is provided below, for your convenience, so I hope you'll join us all, there! 

The link always plays the most recent podcast on air, so the link will not always be for Rayne's episode.

Oh, if you listen to the podcast on this page, you will probably need to mute or disable the page radio station.  Just scroll down some and look to the right and you should see the SHOUTcast module.  Simply hit the Stop button or pull the volume to mute.
Watch live streaming video from zombiepaloozaradio at livestream.com

Something's Cooking at All Cool Things™!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret!  For about a year, or so, we've been planning to expand All Cool Things™ into a completely new arena!  'Not content with being a webstore, provider of fine party girls, and a "hub for all cool things since 2011," we have been experimenting with selling Asian/gaming snacks, and treats and popular Asian/American comfort foods!

We intend to start out small by selling our snacks online, and later selling full cuisine at conventions throughout the Metro-Atlanta area in Georgia, USA.

Hopefully the snacks will be online by the end of this year, and the food carting at will be in time for the Spring of 2015.

To ensure that this happens the right way, we have to take it slowly and surely.

Please feel free to give suggestions as to our menu, and we thank you for not only your support, but your patience!

Start the New Year Right with All Cool Things™!

I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!  Just because it's coming to a close does not mean that you have to crash with all that great momentum!

As always, All Cool Things™ is here to add some fun to the new year so you can't start it off with a bang!

So may the best of last year be the worst of your new one!

Happy New Year from All Cool Things™ and Otaku no Baka, LLC!

Winter Is Coming...and So Is Christmas..!

Well, it's that time of year again!  Everyone laughs a little harder.  People smile a little bit brighter, and we all hope somebody gets us the thing that we would feel too guilty to get for ourselves!

Yup!  That's what Christmas is now, unless you have kids, and then it's trying to make their morning on the 25th of December as magical as you remember yours.

Thankfully, for you, whether it's the first reason or the latter, you can make all your wishes come true at All Cool Things™!

Is there something big that you want your friend or sibling to get you?  Well, if they haven't gotten the hint and gotten you something big for Christmas, yet, then it's up to you to bite the bullet and get them something awesome first, like one of our limited edition Terminator 2 T-800 Endoskeleton 18 Inch Figures.  Are they more of a cosplayer, or looking to start?  Well, try one of our cosplays, like our Premium Ichigo Kurosaki/Lieutenant Uniform; You will NOT find a better quality "Bleach" cosplay on the web.  You can't go wrong with that!

Any of the things I've already listed could brighten up your child's Christmas Morning, but don't discount the power of some inexpensive and extremely fun LED gifts!  How cool would it be to wake up to the sound of your kids clashing their Multicoloured FX Sabers for only $10 a piece!  Or maybe make them galactic peacekeepers in the Green Lantern Corps with their very own light up Green Lantern Rings!  The possibilities are endless.

Oh, and we haven't forgotten about you, either!  Maybe you can get something for yourself.  *wink, wink* We have some great Sexy Cosplay that you and your loved one can enjoy!

So no matter what the time, rhyme, reason, or season, we at All Cool Things™ wish you and yours the best this holiday season!


Happy Samhain!

I hope everyone is planning on having a safe and happy Halloween!

Now is a great time to get some spooky gifts or just be selfish and get you a kickass gift for youself!  We've got some great horror lunch boxes as well as action figures that are sure to curdle the blood and raise the hairs on many a neck!

But like I said, it's also about being safe, so be sure to get the little ones some LED jewelry, props, and party favours to keep them bright in the night while they Trick or Treat!  They'll have so much fun, they won't know they're being safe, and you won't have to worry so much as they enjoy their All Hallow's Eve!

And of course, don't forget about our cosplay costumes so you can be a soul reaper, or an arrancar!

Order now, before it's too late, be safe on Devil's Night, too!

Check Me Out on Geeks with Wives!

On Tuesday, 8/20/13, at 11:00 EST, I will be on a podcast hosted by "Geeks with Wives." I may not be able to give out the URL of the podcast as it broadcasts (Sorry!!!), but I will DEFINITELY have a link to it posted in this update and in the "Video" page!  

Please watch, comment, and share!

Focusing on Content Rather Than Products

For those of you that follow us regularly, you may have notcied that I have been concentrating more on entertainment content than products this past year.  This is because I have been been trying to get more high end products for you all, but also give you a reason to hang out and just enjoy the site, as well.

When I co-ran the site I was at, before this one, the creator and I had that vision of making a place to hang out online when you had nothing better to do, but didn't want to spend your time in the equivilent of a Walmart parking lot at night.  I think if you look at the videos and pictures, you will definitely see that.

You should also cheque out the the "Links" section.  I have tweeked the HELL out of it and stocked it with new and entertaining sites, not to mention recategorised it for your ease and operation.

As always, if you have any input or suggestions, just hit Contact tab to the left or "Contact Us" link at the top!

Thanks for stopping by!

Iron Man Arriving Soon!

I have just recieved word from my supplier that Iron Man should land sometime late this month or early next month!

All Cool Things™ will be one of the few places that will offer this awesome addtion to anybody's collection!

We are sorry to report that we are no longer taking reservations for this item (SORRY!), and that the remaining pieces will be first come, first served!

New Prospective Figures for this Year!

NECA made an appearance at the New York Toy Fair this year and they displayed some prototypes of highly anticipated 1/4 Scale 18 inch figures, and I am considering pre-ordering some of them.

One of the figures displayed was the 18 Inch Iron Man Action Figure that has already been pre-ordered and scheduled to be released sometime in Spring/Summer.

I thought I'd share with you all some pictures to wet your appetites!

  • NECA Pacific Rim Movie Crimson Typhoon Jeager Action Figure
    Pacific Rim
  • NECA Pacific Rim Movie Gypsy Danger Jeager Action Figure
    Pacific Rim
  • NECA 18 Inch 1/4 Scale Predators Movie Camoflage Dutch Action Figure
    Dutch in Camoflage
  • NECA 18 Inch 1/4 Scale Predators Movie Muddy Camoflage Dutch Action Figure
    Mud Covered Dutch
  • NECA 18 Inch 1/4 Scale Predators Movie De-Cloaking Predator Action Figure
    De-Cloaking Predator
  • NECA 18 Inch 1/4 Scale Tim Burton Movie Batman Michael Keaton Action Figure
    Michael Keaton Batman
  • NECA 18 Inch 1/4 Scale Classic Television Movie Batman Adam West Action Figure
    Adam West Batman
All Good Things.TV

Some of you may have noticed that I added a partner in the "Links" section:  All Good Things TV.

Today I am proud to say that  I have been published as a contributing writer!  I think this will continue a trend of sharing between the two sites.

Please check out my review below and check out the other reviews on All Good Things.TV! 

Review of "Dance in the Vampire Bund" from Otaku no Baka

Our Focus for the Future...

As a lot of you have noticed, we have been stocking our USAmerican movie products.  We will continue to do so for the next month or so.  After that, I intend to focus on more otkau products, like DBZ figures and more PVC.  I also intend to have fully functional Freddy Krueger gloves in time for Days of the Dead Atlanta in early February.

I also tried to get a crew of Otaku no Baka  Girls.  I have had to look for new stock in ladies, but I think you will all be MUCH happier!  The girls I am getting are wild!  They will be fun and up for anything!  If the previous girls were a 10 on the Fun-O-Meter, these are at least a 20!  If you get these girls for your parties or conventions, it will be some of the best spent money of your life!

As always, please join the site if you haven't already.  It's free, and to tell you the truth, it lets me know I'm doing something right.  Plus, you can get incentives for joining and getting friends to, as well.  See the webstore for details. 

Anime Weekend Atlanta a Huge Success!!!

I want to thank everybody that came out and visited our booth at AWA 2012!  You helped make us the huge success that we were!

 I do not know if I am going to attend AWA 2013, but I do want to show at MomoCon and possibly Days of the Dead next year.

 My mind is swimming with new products for you all!  Each passing year I learn more about what you guys want!

 Did you like the Otaku no Baka Girls?  Be on the lookout for them in upcoming events!


First Cut for Otaku no Baka Girls AWA 2012 Over!
I have chosen the 12 semifinalists to be Otaku no Baka Girls at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012.
The turnout was great!  I have narrowed the list down to 12 ladies from 30 and will be narrowing it down from there to 4.
After AWA 2012 I want to have a regular crew of Otaku no Baka Girls that you can hire for your parties or events.  'Details later!
Oh, I forgot to mention this last post:  the comic strip is indefinitely put on the backburner.
Stay tuned!
It's Been a While, So Let's Set the Record Straight...

First, lets get some things straight about what did not happen:  1) No-go on the Euclid Gray partnership,  2) No-go on sponsoring Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012, 2) No-go on DVDs/Blu-Rays. 

There are also some things that may come in the moderate to far off future if at all:  1) More Sexy Cosplay, 2) Corsets,, 3) Freaky Contact Lenses, 4) LED Lamps, 5) Japanese Snacks, 6) Weapons, 7) Cosplay.

I also have have some things that I do have on the burners for the near future:  1) Necomimi from Neurowear, 2) Portal Replica Portal Guns, 3) A Nightmare on Elm Street Replica Freddy Gloves, 4) Green Lantern Light Up Rings, 5) Pulp Fiction "Bad Motherfucker" Wallets.

And of course we will have more LED and PVC/Resin/Action Figures.  We have already started stocking high quality movie action figures at highly competitive prices.

Oh, and even though we will not be a sponsor of Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012, we will be there!  As we speak, I am screening some very lovely ladies to be a part of the Otaku no Baka AWA 2012 Staff!  Come by our booth and say hi to the ladies when you attend AWA this year, and stay tuned for updates! 

Otaku no Baka and Possible Team-Up with Euclid Gray

We are right now talking to actor, singer, and producer, Euclid Gray about appearing and vending at some of his concerts.

Euclid Gray is an actor in Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns" play.  His new album also drops on May 8.  Pre-orders are available.


Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012 and More Products to Come

I am officially vending at AWA 2012.  I am also in the works for working out sponsorship, again.

I am also trying to decide on more products to offer all of you.  Here are some ideas.

1) Yaoi, Hentai, and unique DVDs/Blu-Rays

2) Action Figures

3) Japanese snacks

4) Weapons

5) LED Lamps

I also want to pad our inventory of LED Specialty items. 

Which Way to Go..?

Well, I am going to offer weapons, but decided on working through alternate suppliers.

I recently got the urge to sell PVC figures, too. 

I have wanted to sell cute LED bunny lamps as well. 

I have also wanted to expand our sexy cosplay. 

Well, I have decided to let you guys'n'gals decide! 

I will set up a poll on facebook to see what facebook fans want.

I won't announce the winner.  Just check the webstore within a month to find out who won! 

Weapons Restructuring


Some of you may have noticed that I opened up with a vast assortment of weapons but now only have two, and they are now "coming soon.."  That probably got you wondering what has happened.

To make a long story short, I am using a new supplier that will give me the same great quality weapons but at a lower price.  The trade-off is that I will now have to stock more types of swords with less variety, but as I said earlier, you get the savings.

Also as a reminder, The LED's are coming.  Most should be here by Friday.  The rest by Friday of next week.

The swords should hopefully be here within weeks.

As always, if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to go to the contact tab and tell us what's on your mind.

As always, thank you for your support! 

The LED's Are Finally Here!!!

With months in the waiting, LED's have been added to the Webstore...However, they will not be in stock until this time next week, so fear not!

None of the items will be more than $10!

Check them out in the Webstore under "LED Novelty!"